November 11, 2019

Is There a Right Time for Giving Your Partner a Promise Ring?

It takes time for some people to find the right person they want to spend the rest of their life with. It's especially difficult for those who spend most of their lives building their career. But once you’re sure you’ve found the one, you'd want to show your partner your desire to be monogamous. A

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colorful frosted cupcakes

GET OR FORGET: A Mom’s Birthday Supplier Guide

Your kid’s birthday party is one of those events that they will remember deeply. Unless, of course, your kid is too young to recall that special moment. Unlike before, there are other options now that will serve as an alternative to throwing a birthday party. It could be an expensive gadget or a concert ticket.

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Six Things to Remember When You Get Stuck at an Airport

We’ve all been there somehow. We got stuck at an airport either because of flight delays, cancellations, or a long layover. Getting stuck in an airport doesn’t have to be boring or expensive. There are a few fun ways you can make your stay enjoyable. Not to mention, you may even get a few dollars

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