August 30, 2019

handcraft gift boxes gift box with pinecone and pine branch
Great Outdoors

How to Add a More Personal Touch to Your Gifts

Experts have found that gift-giving is an important part of human interaction. It plays a huge role in defining relationships and strengthening bonds. According to psychologists, it is often the gift-giver who gains more psychological benefit than the recipient. Gift-giving is a social practice that has been observed since ancient times. Some native cultures used

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parking lot

How to Keep Customers Safe and Secure in Your Parking Lot

Investing in the integrity of your parking lot’s pavement and the security of its facilities will have a big impact on your business. When customers feel safe leaving their cars (and other things) in your parking lot, they are likely to spend more time in your store. Then, it is easier for your salespeople to

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man checking the refrigerator
Home News

Appliance Maintenance 10: How to Clean Refrigerator Coils

Your very hardworking refrigerator is made up of many different components, including the coils. These components need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure that your refrigerator always operates at maximum efficiency. To help make certain that your trusty fridge always runs cold without eating up too much electricity, cleaning the coils, those snake-like tubes

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