August 22, 2019

Floor Heating in Your Bathroom

Radiant Floor Heating in Your Bathroom: a Few Considerations

Imagine going to your bathroom in the early hours of the morning. You probably know what happens next: your toes curl because the tiles are so cold and you shiver despite yourself. You try to make your business as quickly as possible and leave. This is where radiant floor heating is useful. Park City, Utah

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Car Safety Features

Car Safety Features Rolling Out in a Few Years

Road safety used to consist only of a seat belt and an airbag; if you wanted more safety features, you have to pay a pretty penny. With the relentless increase of vehicles on the road, manufacturers are looking for ways to increase passenger safety. Add that to the fact that 1.25 million road crash deaths

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living room

The Right Mood for Each Room in Your Home

When you’re designing a home, the goal isn’t just to make spaces pretty. You want to achieve a certain atmosphere, too, so people entering your house will appreciate it not only visually but also emotionally. There’s no use having a visually appealing bedroom when you don’t feel relaxed and rested in it, right? Create the

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woman massaging her tired leg

What Exactly is Restless Leg Syndrome?

RLS or restless leg syndrome is basically a condition characterized by discomfort in the legs when a person is lying or sitting down. It can manifest in both women and men, and at any age. RLS, however, becomes worse with age so it’s generally an issue that’s more common in older adults. It could make

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checking up on your furnace

What Is that Noise? Common Furnace Noises and Their Meaning

You might be settling for a good, toasty sleep when all of a sudden, you hear a racket from your furnace. The noises seem to be coming from inside the unit, but how can you shut it off when you need it for a cozy bedtime? Before you head back to your room and put

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Escaping Winter: Tips for First-Time Motorhome Snowbirds

Winter in New Zealand normally runs from June to August, and sometimes up to October. And, when winter hits, you’ve basically only had two options: you can either endure the cold (and heavy snow in certain areas such as Canterbury), or you can temporarily flee somewhere warmer like Rotorua. If you have a motorhome and

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Mold growing on wall cracking the paint

Basic Understanding of Mold and How It Spreads

Have you noticed any black spots on your shower curtains? Do you see any slick orange slime that forms on your kitchen drain? If you see any of these unsightly objects inside your home, you might be dealing with mold infestation. Mold growth can happen even in the most mundane places inside your home. What

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granny flat in brick

What is a Granny Flat and Why You Should Consider Building One

You can use a good old granny flat as a guest room, home office, playroom, art studio, man cave, or personal sanctuary. Aside from these very valuable purposes, your parents or grandparents can also use it as an actual living space. If you are fortunate enough to have land that can house granny flats in

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